Lambda Fire Box

Lambda Fire Box is an insulation system that provides fire protection for valves, flanges, actuators and other equipment.

The Lambda Fire Box is fully tested to meet the strictest on- and offshore specifications for oil and gas installations. This system is built up by insulation material and enclosed by stainless steel (AISI 316). The pieces are fastened with toggle clips in the same material and locked with security pins. The Lambda Fire Box can be equipped with a drain plug as required for top side installations per NORSOK standard and inspection hatch for easy accsess to the protected object.

The system has been tested successfully for blast overpressure at 1.4 bar and jet fire with a heat load up to 350kW/m² (1350°C).

In addition to exceeding functional requirements, all Lambda products are designed for quick and easy removal and re-installation with the use of minimum personnel, personal protection equipment and tooling.